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We are now updating our past performance. Please stay tune with us ! 

2011-12-31 Performance at K11

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2011-12-25 Performance at DFS Galleria

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2011-11-26 Performance at Elements

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2011-10-30 The 2011 Sedan Chair Race & Bazaar

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2011-07-30 Plaisir Ensemble showered their LOVE in Sri Lanka

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The Revelations in Concert

Love Uninhibited (Colombo Concert)


Directed by Sanjeev Jayaratnam

30 July 2011 at Lionel Wendt Theatre, Colombo, Sri Lanka


Plaisir Ensemble just finished a successful concert in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It's been a real pleasure, great fun and a privilege singing with the renowned world-class male ensemble ' The Revelations'. The only choir in Sri Lanka and South Asia to win the title ' World Champion' and ranked 7th in the 'Top 50 Male Choirs' in the world. 

Plaisir Ensemble presented a successful cultural exchange concert with them. The concert turned out a great success. We loved to have so many responsive audiences.  It couldn't be happening for nicer people. We look foward to working and singing with them in the future.


1. Quotes from Sunday Times, Sri Lanka

" The Plaisir Ensemble gave the audience an insight into a genre of music that we rarely hear, in Sri Lanka . Their singing re-asserted their belief in reaching out to people, transcending cultural barriers, though music – as a universal language."

By Izhara Zubiar, Sunday Times

2. More Report from Media


2011-09-27 Vocal Recital of Laurence Lau

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2011-03-18 1st Vietnam International Choir Festival & Competition - Hoi An 2011.

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1st Vietnam International Choir Festival & Competition

- Hoi An 2011.

INTERKULTUR proudly presents an International Choir Festival & Competition which will be the first ever in Vietnam's history.

In collaboration with the Vietnamese Central Government, the Provincial Government of Quang Nam and the City Government of Hoi An, INTERKULTUR has created a unique possibility for choirs from around the globe to discover the beauty of the country, combined with an international choral event.

Hoi An can be translated as "peaceful meeting place". And if you walk around the city you can feel that this is going to be the ideal place of assembly for choirs for peaceful competitions from both, local and abroad. Hoi An is located just a stone's throw from Danang City with its international airport right at the central coast of Vietnam. In 1999, the old town was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO as a well-preserved example of a Southeast Asian trading port of the 15th to the 19th centuries, with buildings that display a unique blend of local and foreign influences. Nowadays Hoi An is one of the top tourist destinations the country has to offer.

You might have been travelling quite a lot with your choir but you have never joined an international event of this kind in Vietnam. Come and experience the beauty of Vietnam’s countryside with its cultural heritage places and feel the spirit of this booming and ambitioned country in the heart of Southeast Asia. Quang Nam province has more than 120 km of coast line and even the competition venues are located directly at Hoi An's beach side.

But that's not all: Joining this choir event, you will also have the opportunity to experience the "Hoi An Full Moon" Night. Each month of the Lunar Calendar in the night of the full moon, the city of Hoi An holds this special event. So on March 18, 2011 the electricity in the whole city is going to be switched off. In this night, you can walk around in the streets, enjoy the full moon and see sensational lantern shows. In the bars and restaurants of Hoi An, they will only use countless candles to provide light.

This must be your choir's destination for 2011!

2010-08-28 HSBC "Better Care Senior Buddies"

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HSBC Insurence & Tung Wah Hospital
"Better Care Senior Buddies"

地點: Central HSBC Head Quarter
日期: 2010年8月28日

We glad that we can sing to all the senior citizens.

Speech by Dr. Leung.

Carman represent Plaisir Ensemble receive memeto.

Jessica playing flute for the song "花非花"

We love singing so much!

2010-10-31 Matilda Sedan Chairs charity show 2010

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Matilda & Sedan Chairs Charity Show


31st Oct 2010

A beautiful building -- Matilda Hospital

No matter where are we, how old are we, we sing....and sing......

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