About Plaisir Ensemble



        Plaisir Ensemble was found in 2005 by renowned tenor & conductor Mr. MAN Kin-Ping, the music director and vocal teacher of the Ensemble. The members of the Ensemble are all amateurs.  Their wide repertoires include folk songs, classical songs, musical pieces, pops, and premiere works by famous composers. Under the guidance of Mr. MAN Kin-ping, the Ensemble has been growing mature over the years, gaining remarkable achievements in global choir games and festivals. 



        They have been invited to perform in numerous concerts not only in Hong Kong but also all over the world. Their musical footprint extend to Toronto, Vancouver, Shanghai, Busan, Vietnam and Colombo throughout the years.


        In the 4th World Choir Games' in Xiamen, China in July 2006, they won the Silver Diploma in the female vocal ensembles. In November of the same year, they were invited to participate in the 'Busan Choral Festival & Competition '  in Korea.


      In 2010, they won the Silver Medal of female chamber choirs in the '6th World Choir Games'  .



        The great success in the '1st Vietnam International Choir Competition'  organized by the INTERKULTUR was truly a milestone of the Ensemble. They won Gold Diploma in group "vocal ensembles of equal voices", the Winner of the Category as well as the Overall winner in chamber choirs. In the same year, Plaisir Ensemble was ranked in the top 50 female choirs in the Musica Mundi World Ranking List. .


        Recently on 22 Aug 2012, they held their debut concert 'Everlasting Love'  at the Hong Kong City Hall. The Ensemble has the honor to have the renowned world ranking male vocal group ’the Revelations from Sri Lanka be the guest performers in the debut concert.  The performance was a great success and touched every audience’s heart.


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 Plaisir Ensemble members include:

Sharon, Hazel, Vivian, Carman, Christine, Jessica, Janet, Clare, Sylvia, Joyce and Cindy

Pianist: Gigi Lam

Conductor & Director: Mr. Man Kin Ping











Pianist - Gigi